About Us.

A community reaching its fullest potential while all individuals and families attain economic well -being regardless of their zip code or when they arrived in our city.

Inclusive: Actively listening, trying our best to understand what others are saying.
Impact driven: We will only do things that can be demonstrated to impact positively on our mission and vision.
Maximize human potential: We believe in the boundless potential of our community and its citizens.
Risk taking: Challenge assumptions and perceptions about risk.

Economically sustainable community
Strong commitment to change
Measure impact


Catalina is co-founder and Executive Director of Moving The Needle Inc. Catalina is a partner at GrowAlly a boutique consulting firm dedicated to preparing organizations and their workforce to scale. Catalina specializes in the design and development training programs.
Catalina has worked in the field of education for more than 15 years. She taught Spanish in a London inner city school where she experienced first hand the role that technology could have in education and society. After that she worked at the Colombian equivalent to the National Science Foundation where she led the team implementing a $500 million scholarship program for PhD students. Between 2010 and 2018 she wrote on issues related to education and technology and women’s role in the digital world at Techcetera.co, a digital platform.. She also designed curriculums for different private and public clients.

Catalina grew up in Bogotá, Colombia, where income inequality is apparent in every street. Catalina majored in economics to look for answers and solutions on how to solve the disparities in opportunities. She went to the London School of Economics where she tried to understand how political decisions restrain economic outcomes. She worked as an advisor to the Colombian transport ministry where she designed and implemented several tools to improve intra agency cooperation. Again, Catalina moved to the UK this time to Oxford. There she retrained as teacher. Her work at an inner city school in London provided her with a deeper understanding of the complexities of poverty and income inequality.

Catalina arrived in Miami in 2010 when the city was recovering from the 2008 crisis. In Miami, Catalina dedicated some time to her family while contributing to an independent media digital platform aiming to explain to the non-specialist public key technological topics. Catalina focused her contribution on the impact of technology in the education sector and the challenges and opportunities that the digital world can bring to close the gender gap.


As a newcomer to the US, Catalina had to deal with issues such as underbanking, lack of US professional qualifications and under employment. Those issues affect a big portion of the Miami population and particularly recently-arrived professional Latino women. Catalina partnered with Kristina and Vojkan to look and implement solutions to improve the financial stability of key productive members of Miami ‘s community.


Kristina is a co-founder and Chair of the board of Moving the Needle, Inc. Kristina is the owner/proprietor of MK Consulting, LLC, a law and compliance consulting firm working primarily with higher education and non-profit clients. Kristina served as in-house counsel to two state universities in Florida for over 16 years drawn to serve in these roles because of her strong belief in the importance of access to higher education to the pursuit of the American Dream as well as the complexity of legal and compliance issues faced by large public universities. Kristina’s definitely a 4th (probably a 5th) generation Floridian and attributes her own family’s American Dream story to access to higher education through the expansion of land grant universities.

A few years ago, Kristina’s desire to cut through the noise and better understand income inequality led her to undertake a big research project and ultimately write a paper called “Opportunity Knocks: Focusing Our Economic Growth Efforts on What Matters, Raising our Standard of Living Through Productivity and Tapping Into Our Motivation to Strive for the Lives We Want to Lead”. What she learned about Miami and its economy shocked her and led to the co-founding of Moving the Needle, Inc. with two like-minded friends, Catalina and Vojkan. Moving the Needle, Inc. will serve the Miami community.

Kristina also serves on the board of Philanthropy Miami; is a partner in Social Venture Partners (SVP) – Miami; is a member of the Miami-Dade County Dr. Antonio Jorge Social and Economic Development Council; actively participates in the PTSA at her son’s school; and regularly serves on committees of the National Association of College and University Attorneys (NACUA).